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A1 Diesel Injection - Questions and Answers


Why does my diesel engine blow black smoke?

Under normal circumstances a diesel should only blow black smoke under initial start up and occasionally when under load or changing gears. Almost all modern diesels are able to operate without any black smoke at all. If your diesel vehicle does blow smoke it is normally because something is wrong. A restriction to the intake of fresh air, worn or out of adjustment injectors or incorrectly set tappets can all cause this problem. These and other things can be quickly checked at A1 Diesel Injection. Large quantities of black smoke is your engines cry for help!

Are my injectors worn?

Diesel injectors do wear out and unlike petrol injectors, they often need to have the nozzles replaced, not just cleaned. This is due to the high pressure and the way the fuel is forced through the injection port. Signs of worn injectors could include poor fuel economy and black smoke. Under normal circumstances the nozzles will last around 100,000km's before needing to be replaced. This distance can differ depending on the type of injector and the style of driving during that period. A1 Diesel Injection services all brands of injectors and offer a fast turnaround to get you back on the road and operating at peak efficiency.

Can I get more power from my diesel vehicle?

Yes. Diesel fuel injection is a very precise trade and without the settings of your diesel fuel injector pump and injectors set correctly your vehicle can suffer from a lack of power. Even electronic controlled diesels can be tuned to achieve a power increase. A1 Diesel Injection specializes in this type of work and is qualified to get the best out of your vehicle in terms of power and long life of the engine.

Why should I choose A1 Diesel Injection to work on my vehicle?

The qualified and friendly staff at A1 Diesel Injection are the best in the business! Just ask one of our many happy customers. A1 pride themselves on offering a first class individual service to every customer. We carry the latest test equipment, use only top quality tools and treat your vehicle as if it were our own while we service it for you. Let A1 Diesel Injection show you why we are different. Contact us today.

What do I do when my vehicle is hard to start and/or misfires after start-up?

Although there can many causes of these types of symptoms, the most common is that fuel has drained back to the tank overnight. The way to check if this is the case is to pump the hand primer until it is hard and see if this helps in starting. If this is the case we can recommend a number of options for you to fix this problem. Another cause could be the glow plugs not working. This can be checked by removing the glow plugs and checking them, as well as checking to make sure that voltage is being delivered to them in the vehicle. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to check these things for you or advise you as to whether it could be another problem.